Constraints, Organisational Structure, and Innovation

Two excellent informative talks on constraints, organisational structure and innovation.

  1. The first talk is about constraints that enable innovation. The notion of a causal loop and the follow-on to emergence is very interesting in relation to the closed loop feedback (positive) of build-measure-learn in the development of products. Another way of thinking about business processes is as temporal constraints (context-sensitive) leading to process improvement through positive feedback loop closure.

2. The second talk is about how organisational structure constraints the architecture and systems produced. It considers changes required for enabling microservices and continuous delivery, but which must be preceded by changes in organisational structure.


About KM Mukku

Kick-start, build and manage teams in product development (particularly in the financial domain), and enjoy all in adaptive case management, business process design and business process improvement. Currently holding the position of CTO at coMakeIT.
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