Mobile.IN – The Possible

Probably the most important news for the Indian mobile market is the announcement of CynogenMod based devices from Micromax.

This move by Micromax must be welcomed, since India is in need of an indigenous platform on which a mobile ecosystem can develop.

CynogenMod as an open source OS may just be able to provide that indigenous element, and most importantly it will be outside the Android and iOS strangle hold. India is too large a country to evolve into a nation of just consumers. It needs to be also a producer and innovator of new products, designs and solutions. The service industry by itself cannot add the sustainable fillip needed to the economy.

India is culturally diverse with as many languages as there are states; it seems odd that a single anglicised model of messaging is considered to be suitable for the richness of communication that this diversity brings with it. We will have to wait and see just what this relationship between Micromax and CynogenMod is, and whether it will be able to fork an version and turn it into a custom version for the Indian mobile market place. If it falls short of this then it will be just another assembly engine and not an innovator in the mobile industry.


All of this will mean nothing if the other required assets for the ecosystem don’t come into play. Currently the mobile native market is sliced up between two players, viz. Google and Apple. Although, the hybrid mobile app market is a growing force, it has yet to make any significant dent.

There is a failure of trust, and this has been repeatedly seen over the last few years in the data being accessed ostensibly on the grounds of security. There is no reason to believe that will stop any time soon, or for that matter it ever will. But, the real problem is the total lack of legal recourse, and worse still data can be taken from servers hosted on foreign soil.

From a commercial perspective data that is generated from the usage patterns of mobile apps is of an enormous importance for gauzing future innovations and business opportunities. It is not for nothing that Google mission is to “Organise the worlds information”. The world is flat is a proclamation that is heard often, particularly in the new information age; this is a fallacy, the world is a hegemony of sinkholes, and for some of them distance is no consequence for their gravitational pull.

About KM Mukku

Kick-start, build and manage teams in product development (particularly in the financial domain), and enjoy all in adaptive case management, business process design and business process improvement. Currently holding the position of CTO at coMakeIT.
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